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Linux Server Hardening


The most secure server in the world is the one that is powered off and disconnected from the Internet. But if we want to use the server for IT operations, we must make sure that the server is secured properly before making it online.

Server Hardening is the process of making the system secure. Server hardening helps to address the best ways to minimize the points of vulnerability.

In this article, I am going to explain some of the best practices to secure the Linux servers.


Replace Docker Desktop with Minikube and Hyperkit on macOS


I have been using Docker Desktop for while in macOS. The recent update of Docker Desktop was killing huge memory and storage in my machine. So I thought to give up on Docker Desktop and install Docker with Minikube and Hyperkit hypervisor. Minikube is used to run a Kubernetes cluster on local environment. But it also runs a Docker daemon that can be used to run containers. Hyperkit is an open-source hypervisor for macOS hypervisor, optimized for lightweight virtual machines and container deployment.

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Install X-UI Multi-User Xray Graphical Management Panel

X-UI provides a graphical user interface for managing servers and users. You can visually build servers for Shadowsocks, V2ray, Xray, Trojan, and other popular protocols. You can also monitor VPS performance and traffic usage in real time. X-UI replaces the older V2-UI panel.

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